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The spidron dates back to 1979, when in Ernő Rubik's modelling class at the Hungarian University of Applied Art, I created my first moving relief. He reacted with these words: "I never saw anything like this!" This comment gave me the push that made me take out this folding from time-to-time and think about its geometry more deeply. Ten years later I managed to create a closed, spacial shell construction from one of the parts, the six armed spidronnest. In 1994 I met Dr. Cristiana Grigorescu romanian optical crystalphysicist who tried to convince me to present my ideas at the 12th World Conference on Crystal Growth in Jerusalem. I had more than four years to prepare, still it was a huge task to learn the scientific language and to present it in front of an audience made up of scientists, all this in English. But thanks to the help and support of some of my acquaintances I could manage. With the co-operation of my friend, Péter Kőszegi, images and animations were made that made the presentation more successful. After that I had an easier time at home, because I was constantly invited to present. The most important presentations were at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences' division in Szeged and at the Mathematical Research Institute (today it's called Rényi Institute). In 2000 there was an exhbition held at the Műcsarnok which raised lots of interest. The exhibition was organized with László Beke's initiation by scientist, artists and inventors. Here the spidron took part as a spacefilling system. After that, except for a few scientific news, the interest in spidrons faded, but this was only the silence before the storm. In 2000 intrest sky-rocketed. Dr. Lajos Szilassi's work brought the breakthrough, which defined the movement of the spidron mathematically. Below you can read about the events concerning the spidron from 2003 to 2006.

16-22 August 2003
Symmetry Festival and Ars

Hotel Agro, Budapest
Presentation, exhibition and an article in the festival's official issue: Spidron System




After the presentation I met Prof. Dr. Emil Molnár of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, who advised me to write a PhD on spidrons. He offered me his co-operation in my works.


Since then I have attended Emil Molnár's class at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He mostly teaches me crystal and standard geometry.

I started my studies at the Pécs University of Sciences' Modernitas PhD program in 2004, where I want to process the history of the Spidron with the title "The fate of the new".
My artistic tutor is Dr. László Beke. Program director: Dr. Péter Niedermüller.


21 January 2004
I got to know Rinus Roelofs on the internet through a portal of the Rhinoceros 3D modelling program and we made good friends. We exchanged thousand of e-mails and together created hundreds of spidron models. Half year later we met personally, when he visited me in Budapest.




21-22 May 2004
Sprout-Selecting Conference
PTE University of Sciences, Pécs, Mihály Pollack Faculty of Engineering, presentation of the geometry of spidrons with Dr. Lajos Szilassi. There was also a book published on the event. In this book, the mathematical definition of the movement of the spidron was first made public by Lajos Szilassi.



Director: Dr. Csaba Sárvári

1-4 May 2004
Genius Europe
EUROPE International Invention,
Fine and Applied Art Expo, HUNGEXPO
Budapest City Center. Genius Budapest Award.
  A four-page handout was created for the exhibition that I illustrated with Rinus Roelofs' 3D graphics.    
1 October 2004
Spidron II
Presentation at the meeting of the Philosophy Club,
at the Hungarian Geodesic Institute, Directorial Auditorium
14 October 2004
Spidron Systems
Presentation at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Geometry Faculty by Dániel Erdély
The triangle complex's extraordinary properties in plain and space
14 October 2004
Renée Erdõs House
23 October 2004
Minimal - 4. Arnolfin Fall Festival
Exhibition and presentation
  http://www.arnolfini.hu   rel_kis
26 November 2004
Ars & Mathesis
Baarn, The Netherlands. For years it was C.M. Escher's home. Presented by invitation of the Ars & Mathesis Foundation. The foundation is made up of Escher and Mondrian's followers, artists, teachers and scientists. I met the procurer of one of my latter sculptures who is a good friend of mine since then, Walt van Ballegooijen.


The foundation released a four piece postcard series for the meeting. Co-creator Rinus Roelofs is a Dutch artist. I presented the manifolded foldable spidroncube for the first time at the gathering.

19 December 2004
Sacra Geometria
at the 2B Gallery
  http://www.pipacs.hu/2b/   sacra

23 February 2005
Spidron geometry
Demonstrative teaching at the Lauder School


10 March 2005

Presenting the spidrons for the SuliNova educational development program at the Faculty of Mathematics, ELTE - Lránd Eötvös University of Sciences


Participants of the meeting: Dr. Katalin Fried, Gusztáv Bognár, Balázs Földvári, Sándor Kabai, István Lénárt, Ervin Miklós, József Krotos, Gergely Máté, Jakab Erdély, Janka Erdély, István Sági, Regina Márkus, and Erdély Dániel.

25 June - 5 September 2005
Bos van Ypeiy, The Netherlands. Outdoor sculpture exhibition close to Leuuwarden with eleven other artists. The first presentation of the Spidrohedron. Master carpenter: István Sági.
29 June 2005
Workshop exhibition at Louise McCagg's studio and presentation

31 June - 3 August 2005
Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
I recieved an invitation to participate in the conference. I made many friends there, two of whom I have collaborated with since then: Marc Pelletier and Amina Allen.


8 August 2005
The first big spidron painting
that we created with Jon Higli with acrylic on canvas.

12 October 2005
At the Budapest Exhibition Room. The history of the creation of the spidron from 1979 till today. At the art exhibition many old paper foldings and 3D prints were on display. A few large-sized pieces were also presented.

Opening speech by Borisz Szántó, habilitated university private teacher
12 October 2005
Spidrons Workbook
The 16- page issue (available in Hungarian and English) contains the spidron's principle, rules of construction, plane and space filling variations, movement and other properties presented through exercises.


The 16 page workbook's foreword was written by Dr. László Beke, director, MTA Research Institue of Art History. We created the illustrations with Rinus Roelofs.

11-12 November 2005
Tamás Varga Methodology Days
English section


The conference was sponsored by VTAMK


2 December 2005 - 3 January 2006
Exhibition at the Péter Vályi Training School, Tamási



Opening speech by Zsuzsa Dárdai art critic


16 December 2005
Budapest, A 4.5-meter span spidron plastic hangs in the aula of the House of the Future at the Millenary Park.



Architect: István Tenke. Master Carpenter: István Sági.

6-11 January 2006
Spidron 0
International Spidron conference in Wijk van Aalburg (The Netherlands), where we reviewed the latest results concerning the spidrons. We confronted our ideas and planned our tasks for the near future.

Amina Allen, Dániel Erdély, Simon Erdély, Marc Pelletier,
Rinus Roelofs and Walt van Ballegooijen
16-19 March 2006
7th Gathering for Gardner
Atlanta, Hotel Ritz-Carlton
I was invited to present the Spidron at a closed-doors conference where many people gather from year-to-year. Mathematicians, artists and illusionists recreate, play and hold very interesting presenations. One of the great high lights is when everybody gives a present to the the other. I returned with a huge bag of games of logic, puzzles and brochures.


I would like to mention a few of the scientists present: Roger Penrose, John Conway, Ron Resch, George Hart and Raymond M. Smullyan. Lennart Green, card genious, had the biggest success from among the magicians.

An issue connected to the meeting will be published in the near future.

16-19 March 2006
Hungarian Culture Center, New York
"Extruding Art from a Flexible Space-Filling Structure"
Presentation and exhibition of the latest spidron models.

Imre Kõszegi played drums during the screening.
8 April 2006
The creation of the first Spidroball with Regina Márkus at Simontornya.
19 April 2006
The Spanish Flu Art Dorm
's on-line exhibiton presented the Archimedian solid covered with spidron nests, which I created with Marc Pelletier and Walt van Ballegooijen.

Editor in Chief: Tíbor Vass

4 May 2006
Exhibiton at the Bárka Theatre
For my 50th birthday the Bárka Theatre held the Spidron titled exhibition, which was preceded by a play Mrozek, titled The Party. After the presentation came the friendly get-together.


Opened by Béla Faragó, composer
10 May - 30 June 2006
Moscow. International geometrical arts and constructionist exhibition and symposium. I presented the newest variation of Spidron at the program.


The program was organized by the Moscow Hungarian Cultural Center and the MADI Foundation.

July 2006
Renée Erdõs House
  Opening speech by Dr. László Beke   kebis
4-7 August 2006
Institute of Education, London
Bridges between mathematics, art and music.
The newest results in spidron research were presented here.
19 August 2006
National Rehabilitation Institue, Budakeszi


Interior architect: István Szenes, Master Carpenter: István Sági.

24 August 2006
The final erection of the Spidrohedron at
Walt van Ballegooijen in Wijk van Aalburg.
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20 December 2004
MathForum @ Drexel Internet
15 November 2005
Choose Knowledge!
Interview with Dr. Emil Molnar the chief professor of the Geometry Faculty of the Budapest University of Technology, and Economics and Dániel Erdély .


Host: Balázs Gaskó

Interview and report
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Old New Hungarian Architecure - Postscript: Spidron System
The diary of a geometry adventure, or the extraordinary properties of a triangle complex in plane and space (planefilling, spacefilling, deformation) by Dániel Erdély