Spidron System
7. Spacefilling


The degree of plasticity of the spidron nest is continuously "adjustable". What I mean by this is that the angles of the individual sides to the base plane that the figure occupies when the edges are not rotated and to the neighbouring sides can be changed continuously during deformation. When the shape is physically implemented, the shape of the hole in the middle also changes continuously. This allows the deformation that allows the spidron nest to generate such a rich variety of forms. The outside edges of the nests, which, in some positions, point away from the base plane, create formations that match each other. If the holes in the middle of such nests are "stopped up" using suitable triangles**, we get several space-filling shapes which fill space in a uniform manner, without any overlaps or gaps, with their own copies. The naming and categorisation of those shapes is a task yet to be completed.